5 minutes

Katherine M

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I wish I could go back in time To the 5 minutes before I started to drive 5 minutes- A small price to ensure her safety. Enough time to have prevented the aching Caused by the shock of that fateful trip Caused by the skid, the crash, and the car flip In 5 minutes I could have done my makeup Instead I decided it was too early to wake up I started the car, then put on my lip gloss Trying to make up for the minutes I had lost Why was I obsessed with putting mascara on my lashes Instead of giving notice to the red and yellow flashes In 5 minutes I could have eaten before leaving Drinking my coffee beforehand could’ve prevented my grieving They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day But not when the life of your child is at stake Going hungry for an hour seems like nothing now I toss and turn at night knowing I could have saved her somehow The seconds before the crash play on repeat in my head All because I refused to get myself out of my bed In the 5 minutes before I left I could have checked my phone But no, I was in a rush and buckled up and drove Risking my life and hers for my notifications, Not willing to give the same dedication To the road in front of us, and the cars around Instead of looking up, my eyes stayed down My eyes stayed down and missed the sign They missed the double solid line They missed the big black SUV They missed the car that took my daughter from me We need to lift our eyes and start looking around We get lost in the digital world, what will it take for us to get found? Will it take skidding off the road, or swerving to miss another car? Will it take losing a loved one to realize you’ve let it go to far? Make the sacrifice now, wake up 5 minutes before Do everything you have to before going out the door Don’t let the food, or the makeup, or the phone distract your eye I wish I hadn’t, because now I can never say goodbye.