Phone to T-Bone

Jesus A

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Where am I? You can’t feel anything. All you know is that you are laying in a bed. The last thing you remember is coming home from a party. You open your eyes and can’t believe what you see. You’re in the ICU, body casted. Your arms, your chest, your legs. You try to move your toes, but you can’t. Your family is standing right there in front of you, crying. You try to tell them that you’re fine, but the words won’t come out. You begin to get scared, I’m broken, paralyzed, AND I can’t talk. What happened? You think. How on Earth did I get here…? You’re at the pizzeria with your friends, having a good time. You had soda, bread sticks, wings, and of course, pizza. “I can’t wait to graduate. I’m getting sick and tired of all of these exams,” one of your friends tells you. “Same,” you say back. You promised you would take them all back home. So after the party was over, you all hop into your car, a nice little green 2002 Accord coupe, and begin to drive your friends home. You guys were laughing and talking. Music was blaring from the stereo. You then hear a chime and feel a vibration coming from your pocket. It’s your phone, a pretty average one, a J3. It must be a text from your mom, asking if your on your on your way home. So you pulled out your phone, it was your mom. She asked, “Hey there.” You respond with, “Hi, mom! I’m dropping off my friends, I’ll be home shortly. Ok?” You wait a little. Your mom finally responds with, “Ok, I love you.” You were about to respond with “I love you too” but you look up to see an intersection. Your friend sitting in the front passenger seat next to you shouts, “Oh my gosh, the light is red.” You pass right through almost until you get t-boned by a huge white lifted 2010 F-350 Super Duty, knocking you out almost immediately. That’s when you wake up in the ICU, with your parents crying in front of you. Your parents say that all of your friends died in the car crash. Your eyes start tearing up. You just turned your car into a deadly weapon, and used it to kill all of your friends, all because of texting. I might end up going to jail, you think. But then, you start feeling dizzy and everything around you starts fading away. You hear the electrocardiogram beginning to beep faster and faster. Your life begins to flash right before you. Your first video game, your first bike ride, your first A+, your first phone, your middle school graduation, your first car, the party, the crash, then, your death. Your mom starts sobbing and yelling, “No, please! Don’t go!” But you have to go. You have to go with your friends. The electrocardiogram starts going crazy, beep, beep, beep beep, beep beep beep, beep beep beep beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…