Preventing road deaths

Christirose M

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My opinion about texting and driving is it can be very risky for one you can kill someone, two you can hit a car and hurt them or you can also kill yourself. You might also get a ticket for texting and driving. If you get a ticket you have to pay a fine and what if you don’t have enough money to pay for what you did. If you do text and drive and hit someone would you feel bad and feel horrible for it?like you might have killed someone and hurt them and get them disability like for a example you might have hit your head on the car and hurt yourself really bad like you might loss your memory or something. There is a lot of stuff that can happen if you keep texting and driving. What if there a kid and she or he get hurt really bad and you have to live with that the rest of your life or you might even killed the kid and the kid only had a short life. That can affect someone feeling because if the person in the car dies it hurts the person love ones, imagine how they feel ? You should not text and drive.