Eyes on the Road If You Want To Make it Back Home

Jack N

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In a little town just outside of Boston, a young teenager named Johnny, just got his Junior Operators license. Everyone of course was stressing the importance of 10 and 2 hand placement, always paying attention and staying focused, and of course saying ” Driving is a big responsibility Johnny “. For the first week Johnny drove with two hands and never took his eyes off the road. As time went on, after about a month of driving Johnny became much more comfortable on the road, a little too confident. He started eating food and having soda while driving, and also he started using his phone and driving with one hand. Johnny thought ” What’s the worst that could happen ? “. Well one night after Johnny just got out of work, he was on his way home. Johnny had a chicken nuggets on his lap, a coke in his right hand, and his phone on top of his thigh. Johnny looked down to change the song, and grab another chicken nugget, then ” BANGGGG!!! “. Johnny slammed his car right into the back of a truck. Luckily both lived, but Johnny still lives with those events today. His record will never be the same, his insurance rates skyrocketed, and now he was charged with distracted driving. Johnny has never driven with his phone next to him since, and only drives with two hands now, no eating or drinking. Distracted driving and reckless driving isn’t a joke, one look down at your phone could cost you your life. Just remember, eyes on the road if you want to make it back home.