End Reckless Driving

Nicole G

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With reckless and distracted driving happening very often it is very dangerous. People are losing their lives or taking others, people don’t understand how dangerous it really is until they ruin their lives. They can become paralyzed it they get in a really bad accident. They can also hurt a family’s life by taking or seriously hurting one of they’re family members. It is pretty crazy to know that these accidents are happening either once or twice a week, we shouldn’t even have and accidents that are bad enough to seriously hurt or take somebody’s life. People need to take driving serious, people can go to prison for killing somebody in a accident, it is very important for people to start realizing how important it is that they drive with care. When they take somebody’s family member they struggle for a long time, they have to realize that somebody took their loved one. The family members have to put together a funeral and pay all the bills. The driver may have to go to prison for (first degree homicide by vehicle) for about three to fifteen years. Why would somebody risk the chance of killing somebody and going to prison for not driving safely. Do they realize that they can spend a long time away from their families, miss out of important stuff happening.