Stop the wrecks

Lluvia M

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In my opinion, reckless driving has been increasing throughout the years because of teenagers under age driving in the streets without an adult on the passenger seat. There’s a lot of teenagers that don’t drive as carefully as an adult. A lot of teenagers get distracted by their phones, which can cause problems if their on the street, texting and driving is then occured. Texting and Driving has been more of the problem then anything else, yes there is also Drinking and Driving but this happens more to older people that decide to drink and drive when they know not to do that. Accidents on the road have been ranked 1st on the Death Chart. There’s only a couple of ways to prevent Reckless Driving and I’m going to name a few that I think can prevent reckless driving. I think teenagers shouldn’t drive until the Legal age which is 18+, or even 14 but WITH a parent next to them and if there aloud to. I think teenagers shouldn’t be smoking while driving, it may cause the windows to fog up then they can’t see where their driving. Teenagers nowadays drink and do drugs which is bad, in my opinion, and this can cause so many accidents. Hopefully the rank for Accidents goes down a lot because teenagers have so much more years to live, they haven’t even experienced everything in life yet. Distraction is also another reason why teenagers are passing away. One of the distractions is their phones, teenagers can not be without their phones, they want to constantly check their phones. Another distraction may be their significant other, they may be in an argument or they might be playing around to much, which can take their eyes off of the road. Getting distracted is very easy for us teenagers, you can tell us anything and we’ll quickly get into the conversation or act. We really like getting into people’s business, and telling other people about it. So in conclusion don’t talk to a teenager while their driving, nor tell them to do something. In conclusion I think we should just wait until the appropriate age to start driving, and because us teenagers don’t listen to what the right age is to start driving I think we should just leave them alone, not bother them or talk to them. That way they can focus on the road and not cause any deaths or accidents. It’s really important to stay safe, especially on the road, because us teenagers still have a life to live, and we still have to experience a lot of stuff in the future. And a lot of us want to start a successful family and have a bright future. Hopefully people, all ages, start driving more safe and think about the other people on the roads, and hopefully the rank of Accidents goes down, because like I stated before it is ranked first on the graph. So let’s make driving safer because we should all enjoy life.