Save Not Take

Esmeralda G

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Like any other weekend, you get out of your house, coffee on one hand, and your phone on the other. You look around and spot a shiny blue car, your friends inside waving at you. Waving back at them, you run towards the car and get inside. “Hey guys, so what’s today?” You ask. One of your friends giggled, and said, “well, carpool of course!” You smiled and sat back, forgetting to put on your seatbelt. On the driver’s seat, your friend, Michael, sat there texting. He started up the car and started driving, half looking at his phone, and half looking at the road. You look at your other friend, Jessica, who was next to Michael on the front seat. You frowned, seeing that she seemed a bit nervous. “Hey, Jess, what’s wrong? You look nervous,” you whispered, half hoping that Michael and her other friend next to her, Cyllia, didn’t hear. Jessica sighed and looked back at you, her eyes showing a bit of fear, “well, Michael won’t stop looking at his phone, and he is driving, what if we crash or something?” “Crash? Jess, we’ve done this so many times! Why would we crash now?” You responded. Jessica bit her lower lip and sat back, not bothering to answer. Some time had passed, and they were now in the carpool. Michael had put on some music and was dancing to it. You giggled and slowly joined in. Cyllia was looking at her phone while drinking her coffee, scrolling through photos and social medias. Jessica was now a bit more calm, seeing that Michael had stopped texting, and was nodding her head to the music. You stopped dancing and started drinking your coffee, getting your phone out and starting to text. You smiled, seeing pictures of your family together and celebrating. More time passed, and the traffic slowly increased. Michael kept on groaning everytime he had to slow down or stop. “I thought this was the fast lane, not the snailpool,” You giggled at Michael’s frustration and looked back down at your messages. Once the carpool was about to end, the traffic became worse. You hoped for any movement, but nothing happened. Traffic cleared a bit, and Michael advanced with such speed that she fell back to her seat. “Michael, slow down!” Jessica said, fear clearly returning to her voice. Michael didn’t listen, and instead started fiddling with the radio. You looked at the road and gasped, “watch out!” Too late, Michael turned around only to gasp as they crashed into another car. You lurched forward, forgetting that you hadn’t put on your seatbelt, and everything went black. Many people crash, causing injuries or even death, because they do not pay attention to the road while driving. Don’t get distracted, do not text while driving, and don’t take your eyes off the road. Save a life, not take one. You could be doing yourself and others a favor, be safe and drive safe.