Look Up

Amy A


Look up, Focus on the road ahead, Ignore the buzz and the dings your phone may create You have endless time to stop and look, But now’s not the time. Now’s the time to look ahead To focus, For your life is worth more than a simple message from a friend, Looking down could mean the end. It’ll happen in a flash, Like the ding of an incoming message, But the impact will be devastating For some lose a friend, Others family, Maybe to one a lover, To another maybe a father or mother, You are worth so much more than a ding on a phone. Look up, There’s so much to be seen then a text on a screen. The wonders of life and creation are happening every single day, But you need to look up to see them For the world can take everything away in an instant. So please look up, You are worth so much more than a ding on a phone.


I always felt a bit annoyed over the fact that so many lives are lost in our country due to something as simple as a phone. A small device can cause so much dismay and misery: all due to a message or perhaps a phone call. You can always call back later or text back once you’ve gotten to your desired destination. One’s life is worth so much more than a simple message on a screen. Accidents happen in an instant. I’ve seen it happen to too many of my friends. I would never wish the pain, misery, self-doubt, depression, and sadness that I felt on my worst enemy. No one should have to be put in that situation of despair. The irony is that it can all be avoided by waiting even for a second more or putting your phone on silent. Simply looking up can change so much. I was never the best at opening up to others by simply talking but poetry is my escape. All my thoughts and emotions can be poured into poetry. That’s why I wrote this, to perhaps reach someone who’s gone through the same misery as I have or reach someone before they make the mistake. As simple as that small act may seem, looking at the phone rather than the road for even a second can change so much. This poem is my warning, my emotions released, my hope for change and my message to my friend who have passed.