Beggining to end or is it??

Elysia M

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From the moment a child is born all you want is for them to be safe.You have been discharged from the hospital, its time to take your bundle of joy home.You get in the car to see your loved one in the driver seat of the car.You look at your baby to make sure he/she is buckled up.As you leave the hospital your loved one gets a call from work.As he looks over at his phone a red light just popped up, your helpless because your sore and tired for labor.You close your eyes and hold on to your baby trying to prepare yourself for what is gonna happen next…Just like that, as soon as a life begins it could easily be taken away by distracted driving.Lets go back into the situation and take out the red light.Would you have been mad or would you have been hysterical or would you have learned that distracted driving is a real problem and it could happen to you.It is these questions that make the difference between today and tomorrow and living a life of regret or having piece of mind.Just know that distracted driving is a problem and it can happen to you,don’t think because “no one’s looking” for “you’ve done it before”makes it safe and okay.Is one text,call,snap,or tweet really worth living a life of regret ,or even worse death.