The Distracted Killer

Efren E

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Reckless driving and distracted driving causes the most problems now days. People drive behind the while with such comfortless that the feel like they may be able to multitask while driving. The most common type of multitasking is driving and texting. When people drive and text they stop paying attention to what is going on in front of them in their path. Police officers in certain states have the right to give a person a citation if they are driving and texting. However, there may be other tips of way that can help people to stop driving recklessly and texting. The first idea of what can be done can be too show people while they’re getting their driving license the danger of texting and driving not only that, but street ads have to do with a lot of accidents that occur nowadays. The second thing that can be done is that all the street ads can be removed and replaced with ads that will encourage the driver too keep the eyes on the road.