Not worth the rush

Alicia L

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There are many issues this day and age that causes reckless and distracted driving. From cell phones to bad vision; we can all fix this in various ways. If everyone can realize their mistakes, maybe reckless and distracted driving rates can drop to prevent car collisions and endangered people. The ways we can fix reckless driving are to allow yourself some extra time to get to your wanted location. Leave 10-15 minutes earlier just in case traffic occurs just to prevent yourself from rushing and being a reckless driver. Another solution is to get your vision checked. If you can’t see clearly, driving can be very difficult as you can’t read speed limit signs and other important road signs and that is a huge part of driving. Be patient. Road rage isn’t a good idea and it won’t matter in 5 to 10 minutes, let people in the lane if they’re trying to get in. Don’t yell at people or slam on your break purposely, keep a safe distance so if someone were to slam on their breaks you have enough time to slow down. Distracted driving is something mostly everybody struggles with. Put your phone on airplane mode so you’re not tempted to check any text messages or phone calls that come through. Your main focus should be on the road, not what Karen is doing at Disney Land. Put your music on a certain playlist so you’re not picking up your phone to change the song. There are many more issues than the ones listed that cause reckless and distracted driving. With these few, since they are the most common we can change our ways and be more safer on the road.