How to solve reckless driving

Natasha R

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In this essay I am going to write about a solution on how to fix the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving. I believe that phones should have a mode that doesn’t allow you to text while you drive. The main reason there are accidents is because of being on your phone which causes you to not pay attention to the road. Another reason is eating and drinking. I believe simply if we stop doing just these three things then we can prevent a lot of reckless and distracted driving. I believe if phone carriers simply make a mode where it doesn’t allow you to call, text or use social media when you are driving there will be a lot less accidents because the majority of car accidents that happen are because the driver is on their phone. Even though doing this would lead to a lot of controversy in the end it would save lots of lives by keeping people more focused on the road. Another big reason why there is distracted and reckless driving is because people like to eat and also drive while intoxicated. If people would wait till they reach their destination to eat there would be less distraction which means they would focus on the road. Almost the biggest reason why there is reckless driving is because of driving while intoxicated. All I can say about driving while intoxicated is just be smart and make the right decision, call a Uber or have someone who is not intoxicated pick you up because to many people think they are fine when they are not. In the end whether my solution is put to use these are my solutions.