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Amber c

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A darkened figure walks up to the door and knocks. The door opens to a smiling unaware women. The women looks upon the man who has knocked on her door realizing that he is a police officer. She is distracted by the flashing blue and red of lights and deafly hears the man speaking to her. As she watches she is overcome with a dread as she tunes into what the officer has said to her, the man repeats himself. ¨Ma´am, did you hear me.” He noticed that she did not and attempted to repeat himself in the most gentle way that he could, “ I regret to inform you that your son has been in an accident.” “An accident, what no.. no that can be.”, the woman said in an exasperated tone as she cut him off. “Is he alright, what happened to my son.” The man’s eyes briefly looked down and the mother steeled herself with the knowledge that her son was not coming home tonight. “Ma’am, your son was hit by a distracted driver and was killed,” the officer said with a remorseful expression. The Woman dropped to her knees and let forth a horrible sound between a cry and a moan. This scenario is a nightmare that know one ever wants to face, and yet somewhere in the world right now a cop is knocking on a door to let them know that their loved one has been killed due to distracted driving or reckless driving. This is a problem that occurs on a daily basis that could and should be fixed, though a solution is not always easy to come up with. I think that there are good solutions out there that could be reinforced easy ones that have to be made by people. Their are simple steps you can follow to prevent accidents, ones like if you have somewhere important to go or your just going somewhere to hang leave with extra time. With the extra time you won’t stress and make drastic decisions on the road trying to get somewhere. Be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to where you are going and don’t allow your road rage to control you, because you can cause an accident. One of the most dangerous things that people do all the time that causes so many accidents is of course texting and driving. Put down the phone, you’ve no reason where you can not wait till you pull off the road or wait till you get there. These are some of the easiest things that anyone can do to prevent reckless and distracted driving. One of the greatest inventions of our generation is social media. Social media used in the right ways can be one of the greatest tools to prevent distracted and reckless driving. A Facebook campaign of why reckless and distracted driving should be prevented could be instrumental in cutting down the number of wrecks and accidents that occur. Through Facebook and Instagram you can reach not just people across the United States but across the world and can unite those who have faced that knock on the door and can prevent that same knock. Social media is one overall solution that can be used to campaign and reach multiple people and open their eyes to what happens everyday to someone around the world and what you can do to prevent it.