There’s an App for That

Lindsay T

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As you awake for school with the illuminating rays of sunshine to welcome you, it feels like a normal weekday. Little did you know, that it would be your family’s and friends’ worst day. It is a slight drizzle but no big deal; you’ve driven in the rain before. You were young. You were invincible. You say your farewells to your parents and leave the house. Little did you know, you would never see them again. You are 1.2 miles from school when you get a notification. Devon Alexander, THE Devon Alexander, sent you a text, and you don’t want him to think you’re ignoring him. You were young. You were invincible. So you pick up your phone and shoot back a text. Little did you know that he would never get that text. Little did you know, there was a curve coming up. Little did you know, you would fatally crash the car. No teenager full of youth and vigor, thinks that replying to a text, changing a song, or checking social media would be why they die, for all those activities are not dangerous in and among themselves. They are surrounded by this stigma that they are invincible. It is not easy to change this stigma. It is much easier to target other aspects of their character. Although merely the size of a pea, the reward center of the brain is the most powerful motivator in the human body. If there was an app that could encourage safe driving instead of endanger it, teenagers would be able to overturn the stigma themselves. With either rewards sponsored by companies or corporations, the app would be able to detect the activity of the driver using their phone from the time to the time they leave and reward them accordingly. Say a teenage driver went a whole month without using their phone while driving, the would receive some credits on their favorite app, a gift card to a popular store, or a free song on iTunes. Teenagers are motivated by rewards, and they obviously love apps. If the two were combined to help keep roads safe, it may be able to cure the ever growing epidemic of distracted driving.