Distracted Driving

Leah O

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This is the story of Anna. She was your typical teenager- a know-it-all. She thought she knew it all, so she didn’t listen to what people told her to do. All of those reports she saw on the news of fatal accidents… she never thought it could happen to her. She always thought “well those people didn’t know what they were doing,” and “ it’ll just take a second, what could possibly happen?” She never thought that when she pulled up to her boyfriends house, and texted him “here,” that she’d be involved in a fatal accident. She didn’t know that she’d now be the topic of the news headlines. She didn’t know that she would be the one responsible for her boyfriends sisters death. Anna thought she could see everything, and “oh…I would never be in a situation like that.” Yet, here she is, holding this lifeless child in her hands, wondering why this had happened. Shouldn’t she know? Shouldn’t she know the problems that texting and driving cause? Shouldn’t she know that the risk of something tragic happening when under these conditions are fairly high? She thought she knew… she thought she knew everything. She was your typical teenager- a know-it-all… now with a death on her hands, because she thought she knew. This is what distracted driving leads to. Distracted driving is responsible for 25% of the fatalities of motor vehicles accidents in America. We need to remember that stuff doesn’t always go as planned. Pedestrians always have the right away no matter what. When you are driving you should always be alert of what’s going on around you. So put the phones down. Don’t be like Anna.