Never take life for granted

Rong H

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On September 12th, 2015, I remembered vividly of one of the most unforgettable moment in my life. I was a sophomore at the time and enjoyed so much of my time. I was a well rounded student with a 3.8 gpa and varsity basketball player. On a Friday night after my basketball game, one of my female friend Katya hosted a big party at her place. She was a pretty girl who was very popular at school. My friends thought we should go to her party since most people were going. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea since I had no school the next day. However, my mom is very strict on going out late at night and she often says no to my requests. I called hoping that she would let me go and surprisingly she agreed. When we arrived to Katya’s party, my friends and I had a blast. We were dancing, meeting new people, and just having a good time. It was getting late at night and my mom called saying she wanted me to go home. I was also tired and felt drowsy. I told my friends that I was leaving so I did. I hopped into my car and turned up the engine. I drove in the 101 freeway because that was the route I had to take to get home. During mid-way of my ride, my body was worn out from the basektball game/partying. I felt really drowsy to the point where my eyes barely opened. On a blink of an eye, I realize that I lost control of my car. I wasn’t paying attention and I ended up crashing to the one of the pole. I remebered the smell of burnt metal, glass splattered everywhere, and blood running down my arm. I slowly started losing consciousness and eventually passed out. The next thing I saw was a bright light shining at my face. In my mind I was thinking, “Am I dead? Where am I?” My vision was blurred so I couldn’t see anything clearly. The last word I could ever remember was, “You are going to be ok.” I remember waking up hearing my mom crying. I said softly, “mom….mom….what happened?” She heard my voice knowing that I had survived and hugged me. Remembering back to this day, I thanked God that he had given me a second chance to live. I thought back of this moment of all the sorrow and pain I brought to family because I was irresponsible of my action. I should of listened to my body and never drove. I knew the consequences, but chose to ignore it. An important lesson I learned is to never put your life on the line. Listen to your body responses. If you feel tired or drowsy never let yourself drive because you would end up being hurt. If you are in a hurry and feeling drowsy, have someone you trust drive for you so you can rest. Making a reckless decision to ignore your body responses and drive alone would cost you a life that you can never get back. Imagine a life where you can do all the things you wanted from going to college, having a family, living your desired life, and all that is taken away from you by your reckless driving. Before you make any decisions, ask yourself this question, “Is risking my life worth more than my family, my dream, and future?” Take a moment to think, reflect, and make a right decision.