So Much Left

Dakota K

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You are a teen. You have made it through childhood and are now at high school, where you have friends. You have experienced your first houseparty, your first sleepover, your first kiss, your first football game. You have had you first sleepless night, your first experience with stress, and your first experience of four tests in one day. You have gone through several highs and lows in your story that is still being written. You are a teen. You are a teen. You have friends. You have close friends who text you when you are not together. You have parents, who you sometimes think are too overbearing. Your parents text you when you are not with them. You are at the age where you are just learning how to be responsible with your new freedom, and your parents are slowly letting go. You are a teen. You are a teen. You just got your driver’s license. After weeks of practicing, you got your driver’s license. You have achieved this milestone, this right of passage. You are a teen. You are a teen. You and your friends are going out. You borrow the car for the night. Your friends pile into the car and you drive them all to the movie theater. While driving, another friend texts you and your phone chimes. You are a teen. You are a teen. You check your phone. You begin to text your friend back: “On our way. Be 5 min” You make sure to look up as often as possible, but you still don’t see the red light. You run the red light as another car is speeding through. CRASH! You are dead. You are dead. You were just a teen. You still had your graduation. You still had your wedding. You still had your first child. You still had so many experiences, all lost over one text. All was lost over 6 words – 15 characters. Your story has ended. You are dead. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t text and drive.