One Moment

Erica M

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She gazed at the road ahead of her. Her music turned up as loud as it could go as she pressed on the gas pedal beneath her foot, wanting to go faster while she drove onto the next lane in order to pass the cars in front of her. They were going way to slow for her liking. However as she did so a car beeped at her, pressing hard on the brakes to not crash into her. She had forgotten to signal that she was passing to the next lane. She didn’t care though, she didn’t hit anyone so there was no problem in it. Ignoring them she continued on her way, going way passed the limit she was suppose to go. But she liked it that way; she hated going slow “Can you slow down Mikaela?” Her sibling cried out “Why? You’re scared?” Mikaela laughed pushing on the gas even more causing them both to be pushed back to their seats due to the speed. “You could crash!” Mikaela’s brother answered; unfortunately his warning was in vain as it fell upon deaf ears. “Relax, I do this all the time and never once have I crashed” Mikaela tried to console her brother as she passed a red light “See? No cars were going yet when I passed that. You just have to know what your doing” But her words failed to bring comfort to her younger sibling; she was being reckless. “Just because something hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all.” He spoke once more, hoping he would reach his older sister, but all he got in response was a small laugh “Yeah right.” However unbeknownst to Mikaela, things were about to take a turn. “Make sure to watch the road Elli, I don’t want anything to happen to you” A worried mother advised her daughter through the phone. “I try to drive as safe as possible so don’t worry” Elli responded, taking her mother’s warning to heart as she always did. “I know I just have a bad feeling and I’m worried.” “I’ll be fine mom, but I have to go now, I can’t be on my phone while I’m driving, I’ll come back safe I promise, I love you” After bidding her mother goodbye, Elli put her phone away putting her eyes back on the road. But she was soon distracted as she remembered she needed to eat so she decided to reach out for the food. But that one moment of distraction was all it took before she suddenly lost consciousness. “Mikaela watch out!” Screamed Mikaela’s brother. Hearing her brother’s distressed yell, and seeing a car passing right in front of her, Mikaela pressed the brakes hard, knowing if she didn’t, she would crash. But Mikaela was going to fast for her to stop in time and she crashed into Elli’s car with enough force to have Elli’s side and the front of Mikaela’s car crushed completely. A teary mother arrived at the scene of the crash, being informed about her daughter by paramedics. “Elli!” She cried out in despair “My daughter!” She mourned. But which mother wouldn’t after finding out their daughter was found dead at the scene while the person who caused it was only injured? And if Mikaela had only listened to her brother’s warnings and slowed down, or if Elli had payed attention to the road as well, it could’ve all been prevented. After all, it only takes one moment; one decision for everything to change and if you choose the right one, lives could be saved.