Distracted Driving

Andrew M

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Distracted Driving is something that plagues the society that we live in. It affects everyone from the distracted driver to the innocent child sitting in the back seat of a vehicle. You may not think of the consequences while driving distracted, but at least one in four vehicle collisions involve a cellular device. This fact is astonishing considering it is a widespread fact that texting and driving (Distracted Driving) is not a good decision. Yet it is not uncommon to see a person driving a vehicle with a phone in hand and children in the backseat. Parents are the number one influencer of teenagers driving attitudes and behaviors. Parents should set the example and not drive distracted. Thus, decreasing the likelihood of his or her child texting and driving when they are older. Distracted driving could also be decreased by just putting the phone down and focusing on the road, this idea though straightforward and simple could be very effective with the right exposure. Most teenagers see the videos on why not to drive distracted and think that it will never happen to them. This confidence proves to do more harm than good. They start to get distracted and think,” nothing happened the first time so a second will be fine.” This continues until one day something happens and the realization of their mistake is too little too late and the damage has already been dealt. The simplest solution is usually the best solution. Do not use your phone while driving period. Bluetooth is safer than looking down at your phone while driving but are you really focused on the road or are you focused on the verbal commands you are giving to your phone. Driving should take your full attention because in your hands lie the lives of the people around you.