The Future

Octavia P

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Tonight, is Kelvins senior prom. As he is getting ready his parents inform him of the anticipated thunderstorms that are supposed to be taking place tonight. Its time, Kelvins family and friends gather at his house to celebrate this moment with him and say their goodbyes as he leaves for prom with his date. Prom is everything he expected and more, but his date isn’t having a good time. She insists that her and Kelvin attend the after-prom and bring some of her friends along. At first Kelvin wasn’t sure and he told his date that he wouldn’t feel comfortable driving in the rain with a car full of people. His date explains to him that this is supposed to be the highlight of their senior year so eventually Kelvin agrees to taking her and her friends to after prom. They decide to leave and make their way to after-prom. Kelvins date gathers three of friends to bring them along. As kelvin proceeds to the after-prom destination its starts raining, lightning, and thundering. One of his date’s friends suggest that they turn the music up, so kelvins date turns the music up. Eventually the music is blasting at full volume and Kelvin cannot hear the GPS. He decides that he is just going to use his phone and look at the directions as he drives. Kelvin successfully manages to retrieve his phone out of his pocket. He is trying to keep steady contact with the road and his phone screen at the same time, Kelvin looks down at his phone to put the address in. He looks back up and realizes he is driving head on into a tree. The road is to slippery Kelvin can’t stop the car…everything goes black. Kelvin, his date and her friends did not make it to the after-prom. Kelvin died due to the impact of the crash while his date suffered broken ribs from the contact of the passenger air bag, and one of his date’s friends were ejected from the windshield of Kelvins car and became paralyzed because she did not have on her seatbelt. While the other two friends had suffered minor injuries. If only Kelvin could relive this moment as the driver he should take control of the volume of the music and set it at a volume that is comfortable for him so he can focus and drive safely, kelvins date as a passenger should respect the fact that kelvin isn’t comfortable driving in certain weather conditions with a car full of people for his safety and the safety of others/herself, and his dates friends as the passengers too should wear their seatbelt. We wait our entire lives to go to college, get the career of our dreams, get married, have kids, travel or live our definitions of the American dream. With one choice this can all be stripped away and never happen. Live your life with a purpose and with percussions. Take percussions in the decisions you make before you enter a motor vehicle and while you’re in it. It’s your future, control it.