That notification is not worth your life

Destiny Z



The title is “That notification is not worth your life”. On the bottom of the title says here’s why and of your left side you will see 2 facts and the first one says ” At least 1 in 4 car crashes involves phone use…” And the second fact says “82% of drivers who took action stopping texting feel good about themselves.” On your right side there are 3 facts. The first fact says “75% of teen car accidents don’t involve drug use”, the second one says “49% of people admitted to texting while driving”,and the last fact says ” nearly 4 in 10 social networks used while driving were 27cebook 14% twitter 14% Instagram 11%snapchat. And finnaly the drawing in the middle is a red car that crashed into a iPhone with notifications saying “hey” ” please pickup” “I’m worried” “PICK UP THE PHONE” and three skull emojis . there’s a teenager but she doesn’t have any blood on her and the windshield is broken but she is looking at that notification and there is a police officer taking notes as he is scanning the scene as you can see there is caution tape that says “CAUTION DONT TEXT AND DRIVE” And there is a broken stop sign.