Letter To My Best Friend

Brendan R


Dear Amber, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve wrote you a letter but I thought it would be important to tell you what has happened. I know you have been gone for 6 months and you return next Friday but I thought there is something you would need to know before you return home. I’d like you to know that Jesse has passed away. I know it is completely unexpected. I mean he was only 17 so how in the world could someone so young pass away. It all started out like this: Jesse was walking home yesterday night from his girlfriends house in the dark. There was a guy texting on his phone and not paying attention to the road. He swerved out of the lane while sending a text and accidentally hit Jesse. The impact was so bad that Jesse passed away on the scene. I know this is going to be hard for you to grasp because I am still trying to wrap my head around this. It angers me that he wasn’t even the one texting and driving and yet he had to suffer the consequences of someone else’s decision. I am sorry you had to hear this way and I am sorry you had to lose someone so soon because of someone else’s selfish choices. Much love, Brendan


Distracted driving is a dilemma that has developed into a tremendous problem in the United States not only by the teenage drivers but as well as adult drivers too. Distracted driving is not only the use of a cellphone such as texting, calling and changing your music but is also the act of eating while driving or performing any activity that prevents you from keeping your attention on the road. In previous years, a study showed that approximately 391,000 people were injured in car accidents due to distracted driving and around 3,400 deaths per year were caused due to distracted driving. These statistics are the primary reason we should come to a solution to this problem that is causing a major impact on many lives. I believe from now on, cars should be build with a drawer with slots you can set multiple cellphone devices in. Once the car is in motion if the drawer is empty (meaning there isn’t a phone in there) there should be an alarm that goes off. Also, if there is a phone in there and the driver attempts to open the drawer, the drawer should automatically remind locked until the vehicle is no longer in motion. In case of an emergency, the driver should pull over and get there phone. This will prevent people from looking down at their phone when they receive text messages and calls which is the leading cause of distracted driving. Another cause of distracted driving that is a problem is eating while driving. This issue is a slightly more complicated to address in my opinion. The only key to keep people completely hands free is to require everyone to drive a stick shift so they aren’t able to have food in their hands. Another favorable solution would be for people to eat before leaving their location or stop somewhere to eat instead of getting it to go and eating it while driving. Taking precautionary steps will not only save your life but it will save the lives of many people around you. Practicing road safety can help reduce the amount of deaths per year tremendously as well as teach our children the proper manner in which they should behave while driving. It all starts right now with you and I. We are the future so its up to us to build a better and safer world to live in.