Natalia M


Beep beep Your boss wants you to come into work today The newbie flaked on him again Beep beep Your mom wants to know what you want for dinner, She refuses to let you just eat cereal again Beep beep Your best friend asks you to pick her up, She is really craving chicken wings Beep beep The car horn blares, you are too close Beep beep Your boyfriend’s name pops up on the screen you wonder what he sent you Beep beep Beep beep Beep beep The heart monitor sings unevenly Beep beep Your mom is wondering why you are late for dinner Beep beep Your dad is mad at you for making your mother worry Beep beep Your friend sent you memes Beep beep Beep beep The nurse asks if you know what year it is


This poem is centered around the distractions cell phones cause for teens and even many adults. The perspective is from a teen that is receiving many texts and the narrative takes a sharp turn that implies that an accident has occurred. The noise of the cellphone, car horn and the heart monitor in the hospital are compared through the poem. The sound create pauses in the poem and a general tension and speed.