Lives Have Been Lost

Chioma O

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Life is short, and each day you don’t know what is going to happen. There are times when good and bad things come into your life when you least expect it. Now, Imagine being in a mishap and everything that you had planned for your life was not going to happen because the condition you were in was critical. Look back to when you stepped in the car and started driving, and then all of a sudden you get a text message. Stop! What did you do! Did you make a quick decision or just grabbed your phone instantly, knowing the consequences that could happen when you took your eyes off the road. Fast Forward, your laying in the hospital bed and unconscious, with your family right beside you. The doctors don’t know if you will make it or not. In some cases, many people may be this person I described. What good is it to look at your phone while driving and risk many lives including yourself. Texting and driving have no benefits in this world and should be avoided every time that people drive. There have been young and old people that have lost their lives from reckless decisions being made while driving. There are more important things to be considerate about when driving on the road. It not only affects you but can affect the ones you love if they find out that you were hurt. Let today be the day you make the right decision and stop texting while driving!