Autumn O

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When I took driving lessons from off-duty local police I was so focused and attentive to actually driving. The first six months of driving I had two hands on the wheel and checked my mirrors often. I got my license at sixteen and begin driving everywhere. Now I have been driving for over a year to the same locations over and over again, so much so that I can do other things right? I can get 10 minutes of extra sleep if I put my makeup on while driving to school. I have the entire internet at my fingertips and I have to find that song to get me in the right mindset for the day before first period. Sometimes I daydream and arrive at my location and can’t remember driving there, all because I drive to the same places every day. I do things while driving everyday that distract me. I have been in 3 car accidents in my first year of driving and all of them have been the other persons fault. This solidifies the fact that I can keep doing what I am doing, but were the other drivers distracted? I will never know, no one will, they will not admit it. Are we all so used to driving that we are all distracted due to the routine of it? Some just better at reacting than others, some that are better drivers from the beginning, some that have taught themselves how to actually be distracted drivers? I am writing this to hopefully educate people that I developed a bad habit and that bad habit caused me not to react as quickly as I could have reacted which played a part in a few accidents. I highly suspect that the other drivers were more distracted, but I will never know. My dad is happy because none of the accidents were my fault but were they preventable? What I do know is we all get into habits and habits are hard to break. Since I am seventeen and will probably drive for another five decades or so, I believe the solution for me and others is to break the habit of driving distracted. How do I do that? Did I tie my shoe this morning left over right? Did I put my left leg into my pants first this morning? When I was taught how to do these things I remembered….now I don’t because it is so routine. Car manufactures are putting motion detectors in vehicles with indicators that will help to keep vehicles in their lane. My stepmother has a car with so many detectors that it will literally drive itself. None of these things will replace the human minds focus on doing one task over and over again and not getting bored of doing it.