Killer Lipstick

Katie G

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I don’t remember everything I just remember flying. For a split second my entire world Was upside down. When I landed I didn’t understand. All I could do was scream. I screamed until my throat was raw. I screamed until I could get out Of what used to be my car. That was almost a year ago. I still remember your excuse. You said you were looking in the mirror, Just not the right one. You said you were checking your lipstick, That’s why were going too fast. You said it was an accident. That’s not an accident. The accident was me being too close. Me, not being able to get out of the way Of your deadly weapon, Just because you believed your beauty was one of them. It was not an accident that you didn’t care. It was not an accident That you chose not to look at the correct mirror. Why did you choose The value of your beauty Over the value Of my life?