Brooklyn C

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The loud melodies and harmonies playing over your friend’s voice as you gripped the wheel tight. You loved listening to this song and it made you feel so many different things swimming all over your body. You refused to let your friend to lower it down so they decided to talk over the melody, this annoyed you very much dearly and you wanted them to stop. Instead of feeling the happiness through your bones, you began to feel fury rushing in your blood. You had a sudden urge to push that song away and scream at your friend for talking in the first place. You looked at them to your right, lowered the music down, screaming at them, and BOOM. As teenagers are first introduced to such a new way of living, they lose track that this new skill is in between a life or death situation. Just like many other new introductions to life, we must be taught the risks and dangers of being distracted on the road. The power to drive is the same power as being able to shoot a gun. Although many we do not see this perspective, we need to realize that having this ability is our own responsibility and we must take action to be caution about this.