The Child In The Night

Ketan R



This song is sung from the viewpoint of a fictional man who, as a teenager, was mentally distracted while driving, and ended up killing a young child as a result. The beginning loud bang is meant to imitate the sound of the crash, and the violin is meant to sound like a siren. LYRICS: I was driving the sedan late at night, speeding 30 faster than the speed limit sign, and while I was daydreaming off in my head, I hit a child, now he’s dead, oh oh oh. My ribs were fractured, but all I could feel was regret for what I had done, I had gone ahead and taken away the child from someone, it hurt me then, it haunts me now, so I simply cannot allow, this to take place anymore. So parents, please listen to me, when I say that you’re the number one influence on your teen, please tell them, to focus on the road, they can leave their phones alone until they get home, (sigh) just don’t let them end up, like me. THE END The goal of this is to make people more aware of the necessity of focused driving, emphasizing the impact parents’ voices can have on their teenagers. CREDITS: Vocals & Piano: Ketan Revankar, Lyrics & Composition: Ketan Revankar, Violin: Alan Yang