The Simple Plan to End Distracted Driving

Ryan D

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In this day and age technology has become essential for human life and especially for our youth. It influences each and every one of us daily making lives easier. As time has went on the use of cell phones and other handheld devices have increased significantly in correlation with the number of car crashes. Evidently, it’s time for a change, a way to end this problem once and for all. While there have been many solutions proposed, none of them seem to have been effective as this problem has remained detrimental to our country. One direct way will never be able to completely solve a enormous problem however, a list of steps may. Using the system I have carefully thought and planned out, we can all ensure distracted driving happens less frequent and those who do so will be convinced to stop. The first step in order to stop distracted driving is to enforce it more vigorously into the curriculum when teens are learning how to drive. I remember back when I was learning to drive over all of the teaching periods there was only one that even remotely touched on the negatives to cell phone use while driving. If we as a country can get the people learning how to drive under the right mindset of not even considering it, the problem is already solved. Since they will have learned this before becoming full time drivers, no one else will be doing so on the road along with their peers. The best part about this is each teen’s peers will most likely not be a cause of distracted driving. The more people influenced by this program, the more likely they will stand up to protect their friends. While the first method could be proven powerful, there are always a number of outliers to consider. No matter how hard we try, some kids are prone to not listen even if their friends or may be reserved to listening to themselves. The repercussions may be viewed strong to many however, they don’t do the job completely. While the US has a great law enforcement, I feel they need help to do their job. My suggestion would be to get a large company to develop an app that not only teens but everyone is required to have. Perhaps it would be pre-downloaded on everyone’s phone. This app would hide text messages if the phone can sense itself moving at a speed greater than 20 mph. Sure, the other passengers in the car would suffer from the same limitation however, a couple words aren’t worth a human life. The only possible way to get around this would be to not text at all which is exactly what we need. Finally, to solidify the previous steps, we should all look at this as well as the numerous other examples to realize instead of texting our friends we should go visit them more often. The production of cell phones have just caused humans to become more antisocial, so by taking the time out of our lives to remind our peers we truly do care about them will be a lot more beneficial for the world. I hope we can all learn from this to have a real impact on the world.