A Friend, a sibling, and a son and daughter

Heavin H

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Alex Smith was a High school junior when I was a freshman. He was funny, smart, the football varsity linebacker, and let’s not to forget to mention, he was hot. His white teeth made me think of the white dress I’d wear on the day of our wedding and his eyes reminded me of the autumn leaves that fell from my tree. His hugs were as warm as the apple pie my family served on Thanksgiving, and his hair was as soft as silk. We started dating in February of 2016, he asked me out over text, but then again we were only teens. Our first date was magical, he took me to see a movie, and we might’ve ended up kissing during the credit scene. It all felt surreal, nearly fake. How’d I got someone like him? It was the summer of 2018. We’ve been dating for two years by then. I was going into my senior year of high school and he was going into his second year of college. Things were going great, nearly perfect. Almost perfect. Our relationship was as romantic as it had ever been. He told me he was taking me out to see the grass hills. We ended up laying on a checkered blanket. We laid under the hot summer sun together for hours. We knew we’d get a sunburn, but none of that matter, we were just happy to be together. On our way back we ended discussing our future. We were both too young to get married, but ultimately we knew we were going to get married someday. We discussed what our children’s’ names would be. If it were a girl, her name would’ve been Luna, but we didn’t talk about boy names very much because I didn’t want a boy. It was 9:46 PM, We were just barely getting back into Dallas, we were on 175. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was playing through the Bluetooth speakers. I still remember what he sounded like attempting to sing it. “Too late, my time has come, Sends shivers down my spine, Body’s aching all the time. Goo—”… The song stopped for a brief second. I heard a ring, followed by a buzz. Alex got a text on his cell phone. I didn’t think much about it. It could’ve been anyone. He picked up his phone to reply. That was one of his bad habits, texting and driving… But I couldn’t say much in regards to it, I did it all the time too… He replied to the text swiftly like he usually did and put down his phone. The song continued, “ and face the truth. Mama, ooo (anyway the wind blows). I don’t want to die. I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all. I see a little silho—…” Then the song slightly paused again . Another ring, another buzz. He picked up his phone once more. His eyes left the road for a split second, but that’s all that was needed… We hit a blue Mercedes going the opposite direction at 70MPH… I and the other driver had minor injuries, but the scene was horrific. Seconds after the collision, I thought everyone was fine, but Alex wasn’t moving. As much as I wanted to believe he was unconscious, he wasn’t. His life was taken in a heartbeat, and the two children in the Mercedes both died hours later, side by side. That day someone lost a friend, a sibling, a son and daughter, and the world lost three innocent souls all due to a text that said “ Let’s party tonight ”