Seating in a Football Stadium

Ashley C

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It was a Friday evening in October. The local high school football team was 5-0, giving the school some extreme school spirit. She was on the way to the game to meet up with her friends. They were going to go out to eat after the game to celebrate the team’s hopeful victory. It was going to be a night full of great memories, ones that you hold onto months after they happen. She was about 10 min away from her high school. “Mr. Brightside” was playing on the radio, a classic throwback for her. The sun was starting to go down, which gave the sky different shades of pink and orange hues. She was reminiscing on her past years in high school. She was now a senior which meant that soon she was going to be leaving this school. Her years in high school had been tough for her but also very good for her. She worked very hard in multiple AP classes to maintain her 4.3 GPA. She participated in multiple clubs, such as Student Government and key club, to keep up her well-rounded figure on college applications. She hung out with her friends very often at each other’s houses or going out to eat together. She was going to miss being in this school. Luckily for her, she was off to another school, the best college for her preferred major. Even better, she was offered a full ride to go to this college. She was passing by the local McDonald’s, which was about 5 minutes away from her high school. She heard the ding of her cell phone, sitting in one of her empty cup holders. She looked ahead of her; she had enough time to check her phone before reaching the next intersection. She took her hand off the wheel to check her phone. One of her best friends was confirming with her where they were sitting in the football stadium. She looked up at the road again; she had enough time to respond before reaching the next intersection. She began to type “I think we need to sit on the other side of the stands. The yearbook takes more pictures of…” Too bad she was never able to finish that text. In the amount of time she was trying to say “pictures of people who sit on the other side,” the front of her car collided with another car. Unfortunately for her, she never saw that she was in fact too close to the next intersection. Unfortunately for her, she never saw the light change from yellow to red. Unfortunately for her, she killed another person. Unfortunately for her, she left the scene as soon as possible to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Unfortunately for her, there was a witness at the scene who was able to identify her car. Unfortunately for her, she will always have this on her record. Unfortunately for her, her soon-to-be college dropped her acceptance. Unfortunately for her, she lost everything she had ever worked for in her life. Unfortunately for her, she had a difficult time getting any other jobs. Unfortunately for her, her life changed forever. All because of a single text about seating in a football stadium.