Excuses, Excuses…

Samantha F

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Life… It’s a very delicate thing It will only take a second…  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat  Excuses, excuses, couldn’t wait could you  I’ll just take a peek… She was only 5…why  Mom is holding her close, she crying… One simple task… you could of prevented it… Radio plays music why use your phone?  Eyes on the road. Wait don’t look away!  Victims… they’re innocent Are you awake? Your dozing off…  Life changing decisions… Undo buttons don’t exist… Are you silencing your phone like you should?  Be aware, or pull over… Listen, concentrate, stop it, it’s not important… Enough! Be smart your decision could be long lasting.   Don’t text and drive it’s a simple task. Put your phone on silence that’s all I ask. Our body is not invincible, were not made of steel. Stop looking at your phone, hands on the wheel. About 4000 teens die each and every year. All this could be avoided, let me make it clear. I left a secret message in the paragraph above. I hope what I left you was just enough. Read the first letter of each line up top. Read it to yourself, it’s a note I drop.