The Problem of Wifi in Cars

Samantha J

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Distracted driving is often caused by phones, cigarettes, food, drinks, or distracting passengers. Many people have tried to come up with solutions, such as the law of not being on the phone and driving, but they have mostly failed as people are still dying every day due to distracted driving. There is a solution, however, that has not been thought of yet: no wifi in cars nor advertisements on Google Maps in cars. Wifi, ever since it was introduced into cars, has been a growing problem of distracted driving. Sure, it keeps the passengers satisfied mostly, but for the driver, it could have disasterly consequences. Most drivers use the wifi for their phones. Data was used before, but with data limits and the expense of data, it limited distracted driving on phones. With wifi, drivers often times do not think about using their phones; they simply do it even though it is illegal. If wifi was taken out of cars, then fewer people may use their phone due to the expense. Therefore, taking out the wifi of cars would decrease distracted driving, and should be taken to protect drivers everywhere.