Let’s Change Our Attitude

Kaliska M

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When obtaining a license to drive, you are earning a privilege. Our country doesn’t require an individual to drive, instead it gives us the freedom to decide if we want to use the privilege provided. Stepping into the driver seat of the car, the individual must realize that they have a numerous amount of lives in their hands. If the individual is driving over the speed limit, zig zagging through the lane or even simply focusing on the passenger more than the road, they have increased the likelihood of a crash. Every person is someone’s son/daughter, husband/wife, brother/sister, grandchild, etcetera, which makes every life important. A solution to reckless driving is to realize the importance of a life, changing the individual’s attitude toward individualism. Our society in America is very individualistic, which makes it easy for the individual to say their life is more important than another. Today people concentrate on where they are going, what they have to get done, are they on time for the appointment. Educating people on a more communal way of life would change the interactions between people allowing them to see the importance of driving safe. Changing someone’s mindset is not easy, but over time if this attitude is passed down or taught at a younger age, eventually it will not be as hard. Change happens but it takes time, and America continually changes everyday, little by little, making this solution not impossible to reach. We must learn that reckless driving does not just hurt the driver it can hurt others around them, but by simply changing perspectives we could potentially create safer drivers.