Live or Die

Nyah S



A rap collaboration about responsible driving. Co-written and performed by Nyah Smith and Judge Jeff. Your life may depend on a decision every driver must deal with, when getting in an automobile even if, you’re the driver or passenguh. Your seat belt gotta be fastened up! Cuz that’s the law. Plus you don’t want the authorities after ya. I gotta give it to you raw. My young people. to know anything you have to be taught. Cuz getting in and out of a car can change yo life. Can I get a witness Nyah? Yea you right. Cuz when driving do the speed limit on the freeway. Cars fly pass. You thinking one false move and he’s finish. Another car crash. And that’s called driving reckless. Life is more important. Keep your hands on the wheel. No need to focus on text messages. And real is what I gotta be when I’m giving you super life lessons. And these are answers to being a good driver. So why question? Deny eating. Putting on makeup that shouldn’t be a inkling in your train of thought, along with drinking cuz that would be your fault. Live or die? We live, no lives lost!