The Problem

Jeremy C

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The problem with distracted driving isn’t how we can get people to understand the ramifications of driving distracted, people already know what “can” happen. When it comes to the real issue, people don’t care what can happen to them until it happens. Nobody really fears injury or death until it’s seconds from their face. The only real way to solve it are actions we are already taking, put it in the news, make commercials. Even still the people who don’t care to listen will tune it out like they do. Solutions to the incidents of accidents caused by distracted driving are endless but how effective are they without real graphic telling of what can and will happen. Making the public view these incidents the same way anti-smoking campaigns do cigarettes, with fear of what could happen, is the only real way to get to people. As the youth grows older more and more will start to speak up about it in the car with their friends and cause less and less of them to pick up a phone or otherwise. Texting and driving campaigns have the right ideas, it’s just a waiting game.