Hi phone

Molly D

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Hi phone, it’s me again. So I know you want me to check all the latest updates on social media, and respond to a few text messages, but, you see, I can’t right now. I’m driving. So, for no further distractions out of you, I’m going to put you on silent for now, and I think that I’ll place you in my purse so I can’t see you. And instead of looking at you, I’ll just talk to you. Did you know that at least 1 in 4 of ALL car collisions involve phone usage? Crazy, right. Also did you know that ALL phone usage in cars is completely preventable? I hope I never have to be part of such a reckless incident. But, just in case I partake in a severe collision, I’ll wear my seatbelt to reduce injuries, seen as though 50% of the people who lose their lives in car crashes every year would still be alive of they had worn a seatbelt. Okay phone, we have arrived at our destination, and I didn’t look at you once. I’ll look at my notifications now. Safe Driving!0