The Drive

Anna H

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The Drive High School seems to go by so fast Your youth feels like it will always last It’s the end of September you’ve made friends It’s the end of October and the school year feels like it never ends November comes around Track season starts as your feet pound the ground Your running and running Panting and sprinting Then sophomore year starts and scholarships your winning For Christmas break you visit to Grandma She smiles benignly and tell your she’d proud of your life the entire panorama Then it’s junior year October again ACT and SAT are completely insane But your smart and you get a high score Everything’s going so well and you’re ready for college, you’re ready for more It’s senior year and you’re ready to soar Your family’s proud Your success has your friends cowed Your college applications say you’ll change the world one day You believe life will go on until your wise and grey But life always comes down to a small moment A bubble in time that twists fate at its neck. On the way home from track you get a text You glance down and reply, and look up ready for what life brings next But there’s a crash A smash A resounding crunch And the echoing sound of a bone splitting punch And years later your family Teachers Colleges And friends Will look back unable to make amends Because you had so much life to live So much to bring If only you’d ignored that one ding.