Be a Role Model

Elizabeth P



This video opens up with two sisters and they remember when they were younger, all the things they did to be safe in the car. The older sister strongly influenced the way the younger sister drives because they were always driving together. In this case the older sister is a positive influence. This video is titled “Be a Role Model” because you might not realize how much you influence the people around you, especially those you have driven with. The strategy to safe driving is to keep your phone out of sight as well as all possible distractions to make sure that you are focused and aware of your surroundings. So next time you are driving, be a role model to those in the vehicle as well as those outside of it. Don’t be a distracted driver because it will influence those around you and make them think that it’s okay to drive distracted because everyone does it. Cast and Crew: Younger Sister: Natalia M. and Leslie M. Older Sister: Elizabeth M. Cinematographer: Jamie M. and Elizabeth M. Film Editor and Producer: Elizabeth M.