Hi! I’m Billy and I Love Making Friends With Drivers.

Quentin L

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Life was hard after the accident. Well I shouldn’t say hard, actually it’s more of the same. After the accident, I spent a lot of time wandering around. First, I visited my old home (I got lost for a couple of days) to meet my parents and my siblings. I just saw them crying. Mommy cried for nearly all hours of the day. Daddy spent time alone, blaming himself saying something like “I should’ve drove him” and “that should’ve been me.” My sister was yelling at my brother when I got back; she has never come back to the house since. I think my brother took it the hardest. He stays in his room now. He still hugs Teddy and that tabby cat Mona while sobbing and crying out my name in all hours of the night. They all call out my name. They all miss me. I’ve tried calling their names back, but they never hear me. I have tried reaching out to them so many times, but they act like they just can’t feel me. I cried the first time I realized I couldn’t hug my parents anymore, but time has passed since then and I have really forgotten the sense of any type of contact – physical or emotional. Every now and then when I sleep, I’m put back in the passenger seat of that day. Leaving elementary school for summer break is so fun! I couldn’t wait to play with my toys and have fun with Mona. My brother groaned at the idea of taking me home that day and invited some of his senior friends to be in the car ride with me. I still remember the friends. One was flailing food everywhere, one was trying to take selfies, one was putting on makeup, and my brother was sending a text to this one girl on social media. I still remember what he said, I read it every day. He texted “u up?” to her right when the bus rammed into the car. I still remember the pain. The broken neck, the crying from my brother, the screaming from my parents as I left the hospital, the feeling of metal and glass lacerating my legs; it still me hurts even now. But, t-that feeling has left me now. Movies and books made it seem like purgatory would only last a couple of weeks, but it has been five years. Five years I have spent reliving that torture every night when I sleep in a lonely landscape of wandering apparitions. Five years. Well, at least I have friends – I have a loooooooot of friends. They appear everyday just as confused and scared and anxious as I was. As a matter-of-fact, I heard you’re just like my brother and his friends. It does sometimes get lonely here, but with a distracted driver like you I think we will have lots of fun. Sure, you may cry to your mommy and be in a state of shock because you missed out on so many wonderful things that you could have accomplished in your life – but you’ll get over it. So, keep on texting while driving, chatting with your friends, and eating your snacks while you drive. My name is Billy and when you die and become a ghost like me, we’ll become the best of friends. Let’s relive our torment together in a world of endless suffering and agony the likes of which you could never imagine in the pit of your most vile nightmares. So, pick up that phone. I’ll be waiting.