Distracted Driving

Brian B

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One of the leading factors in car crashes is due to distracted driving. The most common distracted drivers on the road today are those on their phones. Even though many states have passed laws making using your cell phones while driving illegal many drivers still use them. My goal is to come up with a solution to fix this epidemic and decrease the amount of deaths caused by drivers being distracted by their cell phones. For example my dad on his way to work received a text message and glanced down to read it. When he looked up it was too late, he could not stop in time and slammed into the back of another car. Everybody involved was unharmed but the outcome could have been a lot worse. Now every time he gets in his vehicle he puts his phone in the glove compartment. Unfortunately not everybody learns their lesson so I wanted to find a solution to prevent cell phone use while driving. My solution to this continues problem is to install a cell phone device in all vehicles which would disable cell phones usage while the vehicle is in motion. All cell phones in the vehicle will stop receiving any calls, text or notification while the vehicle is in drive. Once the vehicle is in park all cell phone devices will continue to work as normal. This would potentially eliminate the use of cell phones while drivers are in a moving vehicle, decreasing the number of deaths caused by distracted drivers using cell phones.