A Great Driver

Warren J

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I’m an awesome driver. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you. I mean, I am a teenager who has been driving for months. So obviously I’m a great driver now. In fact, I am probably better than most other drivers on the road. I snatch up my keys and b-line for the door that will open up to freedom and whatever matter of supreme importance I am obviously headed out to do. “Honey!” My mother calls. I sigh and roll my eyes. “Just remember to drive safe and stay off your phone, ok?” “Duh,” Is my intelligent and understanding response. I’m probably a better driver than her as well, what could she possibly know that I didn’t? I get out the door and into my car and stick the key into the ignition. The radio crackles on with a tune that I don’t particularly care for. Never mind that I am pulling out of my driveway, I can’t stand this song so I lean over to change it. The driver of the car I cut off slams both his brakes and his horn. What’s his problem? He should watch where he is going. I head onto the main road and realize there is something sticky on my chin. I look into the review and scrap it off of my face. But hold up, that hair doesn’t look quite right. I’m about to start fixing it when I hear yet another horn. What now I thought? What is that guy in the lane next to me’s problem? And why is he so close to me? Oh, I drifted into his lane. But it’s not my fault, it’s his. Maybe if he wasn’t all the way over in that shoulder I wouldn’t have thought this was my lane. My phone buzzes. I pick it up and laugh at the text my friend sent me. I respond and suddenly find myself in a conversation so important that there is no possible way that it can wait until I finish driving. What did it matter anyways? Like I said I’m one of the best drivers on the road, and I also happen to be an amazing multitasker. A third horn. Seriously, what was wrong with people today? Wait a sec, am I in an intersection? And is that light red? And that car that’s still honking, is it about to—Maybe I’m not such a great driver. Or maybe I am. Next time (if I get a next time) I should probably pay attention and find out.