Promise me

Isabel B



This acapella song is about the sad fate of two teens who were driving distracted. The song is meant as a precautionary tale and as told from a friend. Lyrics: I knew a girl, her name was Annabelle She drove around, without a care And turn her phone off she didn’t dare Blown out of proportion, she pulled out her phone and everything that she had known was over Over everything she could have chosen, she did not choose right Her life was cut short in the blink of an eye I knew a boy, his name was Troy, He loved to drive with music and his phone oh how he used it, He closed his eyes to feel the music, but the green light changed and he didn’t see it Over everything he could have chosen, he did not choose right and he missed the red light. He was okay, but his brother was not He was now gone, but this couldn’t be undone Oh promise me, you won’t drive distracted turn off your phone, put the music on low, and go slow