But Today Was Different

Bettina B

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Zoey was a normal seventeen-year-old girl. She was in her senior year of high school, a member of five different clubs, loved to play any sport and became stressed every time college was mentioned. She was always punctual and hated being late to anything. Zoey was the type of person who would rather show up an hour early and wait, than be two minutes late. Each day she left school at four o’clock to arrive at work on time, but today was different. Zoey had to stay to finish a project and didn’t leave school until four thirty. Not only was Zoey a hard worker, she was also extremely responsible. Ever since her father taught her the fundamentals, she had been a safe driver. She didn’t allow her friends to mess around and didn’t multitask while driving, but today was different. Normally, Zoey would never eat and take her hands off the wheel. Normally, she would never blast the music and take her mind off driving. Normally, she would never check her phone and take her eyes off the road; but today was different. Zoey had skipped lunch and went all day without eating to receive extra help in a class she was struggling in. She was stressed and needed to relax since she would soon learn if she was accepted into her dream college. Zoey also felt the need to text her boss that she was on her way since she had left late. Doing three other things while driving caused Zoey’s mind to wander and soon she was no longer focused on the road. Every day Zoey took the same route to work and knew every crack in the pavement. Although, today she didn’t see the sharp curve ahead which she had driven on a thousand times. Normally, she would slow down as she approached the bend, but today was different. By the time Zoey saw the curve, it was too late. She could not go back and slow down sooner. Could not go back and put her phone away, lower the music, or put the sandwich down. If Zoey wasn’t starving from not eating, stressed about college, or nervous about being late she would not have crashed or been rushed to the hospital. Everyday people get into car crashes due to distractions; even on roads they travel daily. As a society, we must pledge a stop to reckless driving. Everyone on the road is in danger when one person is distracted.