“It’s Only for a Second”

Fion L

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“It’s just for a second,” you think as you begin reaching for your phone in your bag that buzzes from a new text message. Continuing to keep your eyes on the road, you allow your hands to roam around until you grasp on to your phone. However, thoughts began to circle your mind, the many accidents on the news due to distracted driving. “Should I do it?”, you think. “Well, again, it’s only for a few seconds.” It’s not long before you decide to slowly drag the phone out from the bag. Taking your eyes off the road, you don’t seem to notice the stop sign and the family of three getting ready to cross the street. When you finally have eyes on the road again, it’s too late. The last sounds you hear are screams from the family and yourself, before you black out into the darkness. But, wait. What if the phone’s functioning was different? Here’s the alternate reality. There’s a stop sign in front of you, where you stop to allow a family of three to cross the street. Quickly taking advantage of the time, you use your thumbprint to unlock your phone to see the sweet text message your boyfriend had sent you. But you couldn’t. There’s two sentences in bold letters that seems to yell out at you. “DRIVING TIME. DON’T BE DISTRACTED.” You’re caught off guard, due to the sudden announcement you didn’t know was ever there before. Then you realize. The new phone update from yesterday. With the thousands of people dying from distracted driving due to phones, there had to have been a change that would not allow them to connect with their phones during driving. The new screen and update? It’s able to prevent even more distracted driving cases by locking the phone’s usability while on the road. You smile at the couple pushing the baby stroller reach the other end of the street. It’s not fair to you or them, if something had happened. Technology can be harmful, but when done right, it can save lives and prevent further damage.