Morgan G

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All of a sudden everything changed. Kennedy and Jackson had planned to go catch a movie. Ironically, their movie was a chilling thriller, but they didn’t know that they would soon be the cold victims. Kennedy and Jackson would be watching the movie from the grave. A lack of self-control was the main cause of this catastrophe. After Jackson picked Kennedy up in his swanky 2018 Mercedes, they proceeded to the theater. Realizing he forgot to set his fantasy football lineup, Jackson hurriedly reached for his phone in his pocket. Kennedy thought nothing of it since she also habitually checks Snapchat and texts while she drives. Scrolling through the players, Jackson was about to select Jared Goff. His finger a microsecond away from touching the quarterback’s name, everything went black. Because he carelessly took his eyes off the road, Jackson didn’t see the curve ahead of him. The car veered into the ditch, flipping over four times before it completely stopped. On top of taking his eyes off the road, Jackson was also going about twenty over the speed limit. These mistakes cost Jackson and Kennedy their lives. If it weren’t for society’s mantra of “It can’t wait,” these two teenagers would still be coasting through life. This story speaks to the reality of many teens today. They think they can multitask behind the wheel when they should be concentrating on the responsibility in front of them. Patience is a virtue everyone should possess and practice. Then and only then will our world be a safer place.