Shelby D

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Distraction can occur in any shape or size. Whether it’s manual, visual or cognitive they could all lead to your tragic demise. Hearing the buzz of your phone ringing in your ear causes your hand to slip from its intended place on the steering wheel. Now your eyes linger for they know this act is wrong, but the road seems clear. So, what’s the harm? Your mind is the last to go, because deep down you know that nothing is more important than keeping your eyes on the road. Focusing gets harder as you long to know just what is held in that tiny screens glow. Let’s say you were oh so strong and refused to take a peek, but your mind is still wandering as you swerve across the street. Now let’s hope that you regained control, because what could have happened next, no one wants to really know. That is what I think of immediately upon the words “distracted driving” hitting my ear,the tiny screen that causes common sense to veer. But there are many forms: the music we blare, the company that’s shared or being more focused on the appearance of your hair. This all seems important, as if it cannot wait till we fully stop, but I am sure we would all change our minds if we actually felt our own hearts drop. We only bother to take caution once we know what’s on the other side, when the fear becomes real and it’s too late for a second try.