“We fall from the same Tree”

Norlen N


The best solution is the solution that is enforced, the best solution is to enforce the laws against dangerous driving. All bad and good drivers are made, they are a result of their role models, by copying and justifying their behavior by viewing the behavior of individuals that they respect. This is why teens are less likely to text and drive if their friends look down upon it. This is why teens grow up to become adults with dangerous driving behavior that their kids adapt. The solution is to attack the problem from its source, the role models, simply by enforcing the law individuals are less likely to show dangerous driving behavior and therefore the individuals around them are less likely to see that behavior copy it and less likely to verify their own reckless behavior. Enforcing the law becomes difficult when there are environments where cameras and police officers are not common for drivers to see, this unlikelihood of getting caught raises the chances of a driver being reckless and to solve this it is best to install cameras at as many intersections as possible. The cost of this can be diminished by the fines on reckless drivers, and these heavy fines will cause these drivers to spread the message that driving recklessly and under any influences is not tolerable by the state.


Growing up and learning how to drive, I found myself copying my parents driving behavior, I found that I would ignore certain rules from watching my parental guardian. I saw my younger brother also become confident in his driving abilities and become reckless, going over speed limits and taking turns a bit too quick. Seeing this behavior makes me drive more carefully. Living in Miami, I see a lot of reckless driving, every 5 seconds I see an individual break the law and no one to stop them, I rarely see cops and cameras at intersections and when I do see them the environment changes, it feels safer because the laws feel enforced. I have also met colleagues who affirm my own belief that individuals are breaking the law consistently and I believe that this can be realistically solved by simply enforcing our laws. The costs can be covered by the drivers who break the law consistently. Seeing other solutions, I found that people targetted teens, rather than trying to target the individuals that create teens bad driving habits. I know parents and friends play a big role, and I believe that the best way to send them a message is to enforce state laws.