A Family Plan is a Safe Plan

Maggie S

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With great power comes great responsibility. People don’t grasp the power they hold while driving a strong vehicle because drivers become comfortable on the road, which causes drivers to slip into temptations of dangerous distractions. Therefore, all families should hold discussions to form a commitment to avoid distractions while driving in order to save lives. Distracted driving claims too many lives, for those tragedies could be avoided if drivers realized the responsibility they have as a driver. Many drivers use electronic devices while driving during the day; it is crucial that drivers from all ages understand why distracted driving is so dangerous in order to stop using any distracting devices. Preoccupied driving is any state of mind or action where a driver is not fully focused on the road ranging from loud music, elaborate conversation, or cell phone use. I’ve even succumbed to the temptation of distracted driving. I’ve always made a point to put my phone away as soon as I put the keys in the ignition, but take it out during red lights. Lately I’ve been getting too comfortable with the road, and pull it out before I reach the red light. I recognize this is hazardous to me, other passengers and other cars. If I am in the car with anyone, a best friend or a stranger, and he or she pulls out a phone, I am unafraid to say to put it away or let me drive. I am very serious when it comes to my safety and the safety of others. If my friends text me while they are driving I wait until they are at a location and tell them to stop. People should be unafraid to fight for safety, and standing up to other distracted drivers may allow them to realize their horrific habit. I’ve created a family plan to ensure that my family will not be one that becomes distracted, and others need to do the same. One tip we are going to use is avoiding this temptation with an application for our phones. There are many free applications for phones that prohibit the use of cell phones while in the car. This way, there is not even a temptation to avoid. Along with this application, we will also need to get in the habit of not using our cell phones by putting the phone on Don’t Disturb and place it in the glove box or somewhere the driver is unable to reach. If putting this phone away immediately becomes a habit then there will not even be a temptation. Although the radio can be distracting, it allows eyes to remain on the road. Therefore, the carried is the perfect opportunity to test out new playlists. Another way we will ensure that our cell phones are not used in the car is setting a reminder as a password. Rather than your birthday, we will set our passwords on your phone as a word password that reminds you not text and drive. This way every time you try to go on your phone, you will be forced to think about your actions. Put an “X” on the steering wheel. Every time you get in the car you remember to put the phone away. Lastly, as a family we can invest in a Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth radios are inexpensive and an easy solution if one must use his or her cell phone. By turning on Bluetooth, the driver has a hands free conversation avoiding distraction. Now my family is able to hold each other accountable to ensure that we will all arrive alive.