What Have I Done?

Salam Y

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I was ready to go to the party but now I will never know how it was, I just had to look and now I am surrounded by police cars. I don’t know how it happened I done it a million times , Little did I know I was swerving between the lines. A second’s look was all it took for it to happen , Even my seat belt wasn’t fastened. So many warnings, so many signs , Now my life has reached it’s deadline. My parents and friends are all calling my name , It was all my fault and I am the only one to blame. What do I do now ? I don’t want to leave, I am frozen as I watch my loved ones grieve. I am calling out to them , this all has to be a dream, They all stare , no one can hear me scream. I watch my own blood seep before me , my body just a lifeless debris. I should have listened , I should have paid attention, Now I will never know what could have been my destination. Earphones in, I thought I had the whole word in my hands, I thought I had all the time I could want, all the awaiting plans. One look , a second’s worth glance, No moving on to next chapters , no happy ending , I lost my chance. Nothing but fear is filling up in me , I feel so alone I want to turn back in time and ignore that text tone. But now its ringing in my ear, That’s all I hear as I feel my conscious disappear. A four-thousand pound killing machine , I dug my own grave. Now to have a fresh breath of air is all I crave. I don’t know where I am going, Live in pain? Suffer for my misdoing? Why me? It could have happened to anyone, What Have I done?